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With over 25 years in the industry, HCI has encountered a vast expanse of shipping needs. Servicing a range of industries such as: Oil/Gas, Petrochemical, Medical, Agricultural, Aircraft, Automobile, Industrial Food Service, Freight Forwarding, and Personal Shipments, HCI has met each challenge with freshness, creativity, care and concern. Be it one of our long-time partners or a new client, HCI is eager to attend to the packing needs of our customers.


Prior to an order, HCI receives purchase orders via an online system, which are then entered into the company's automated freight tracking system. When the cargo is received from the shipper, manufacturer or freight forwarder, it is confirmed through material receipts assigned at receiving and tracked through the system. Once all parts of a purchase order are received, the system notifies HCI and the PO is released for packing. Dealing with freight of all kinds (FAK) on a daily basis, this system is mandatory to afford HCI to track all cargo through each step of the crating and packaging process. This process also allows for freight consolidation on larger projects where the freight may come in at various times.


This aspect entails checking each item listed on the purchase order to ensure that all freight has been received and without damage. HCI verifies each part number against the purchase order to ensure that the freight our customers order is the freight we receive.


All our lumber is heat treated to HT standards to meet ISPM-15 and IPPC standards. Many countries have certain restrictions on the wood that they allow to enter their countries and HCI uses wood on each of its crates that meets these standard requirements.


HCI employs a staff that can issue USDA certificates and handle hazardous materials (DOT, IATA, IMO). Fumigatory services are also provided for fumigation certificates.


HCI is willing to come to you. Many of our customers prefer this approach due to its many advantages of cutting transportation costs, handling their freight with their own equipment and protecting their cargo before it ever leaves their site. When this is the case, HCI is happy to come to your facilities, build a crate, and package your freight on site. We come, lumber cut and crews ready, to assimilate and accommodate so that our customers' needs are met with the greatest ease and least time lost.


The purpose of crating is to protect our customer's cargo against damages incurred in transit, by weather, theft or multiple handlings. At HCI, the personnel are dedicated to fabricating the most protective packaging for our customer's freight. HCI is capable of designing specific packaging for delicate instruments by using foam products to absorb vibrations and shock, as well as designing special engineered crating for oversized, electronic, and delicate equipment. Crates are constructed by hand to meet customer's unique and specific requirements. HCI assists in the development and engineering design, according to the needs and budget of the customer, as well as the requirements of the specific material to be packed. HCI creates boxes for single use or reusable, multi-use crates as well as stock boxes, which can be built and delivered to our customer's site for packing at leisure.


Due to HCI's manpower, quality personnel, storage facilities, and freight tracking system, they posses the ability to handle turnkey projects from conception of the PO to port delivery-airport or ocean. HCI's friendly working relations with IAH, Barbour's Cut, Greensport Terminal, Texas Terminal, Woodhouse Terminal, Manchester Terminal, Houston City Docks, Galveston Port, Gulf Stream, Joe D. Hughes and Jacinto Port, produces convenient dockside packing.


Containerization generally includes packaging for equipment including standard containers, flat-racks, and open-top containers. Individual pieces of freight may or may not require export packaging, depending on the nature of the material to be shipped. HCI offers different securing methods based on the mode of shipping-rail or ocean. Material already prepared for containerization is delivered to HCI as well as freight that still require export preparation.


HCI handles and loads 20 and 40 foot flat racks for standard and oversized transportation while also adapting to meet ocean and rail specifications.


HCI possesses the ability to receive imports, strip the containers, and distribute throughout the United States.


There are 66,000 square feet of warehouse space in the HCI facility situated on 6.7 acres of land. With short and long term storage options, Houston Crating is happy to be the facility where your freight can wait to move! This facility is in an TSA-approved enclosed, gated, and alarmed facility developed to protect your cargo.